This is what happens when you drop an iPhone 6S in lava

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6 年前
Modern smartphones are well equipped to deal with almost any kind of damage, but can they withstand being dropped into a pool of lava? A group of tech enthusiasts from California, USA undertook to find out how an iPhone 6s would cope. The footage, captured earlier this month, shows the lava slowly consuming the phone, causing it to burst into flames. When the phone is eventually retrieved, the device is obviously beyond repair, with its casing and battery thoroughly destroyed.
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    Why don't they just throw themselves into it, and make a live, first-hand narration and description of the event? The lava could start with their lower limbs, and their upper bodies and hands would still be free to hold the mic and cam to give us a detailed voice-over and graphical capture of their burning/ melting feet. When the lava is about to reach their chests, they could simply smile at the cam, wave at it for the last time, and declare "we are signing out".
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