Dr. Anthony Fauci Makes Special Appearance on Trevor Noah's 'The Daily Social Distancing Show' | THR News

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2 個月前
The White House coronavirus task force member and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases joined Trevor Noah's 'The Daily Social Distancing Show,' where they discussed the latest developments about coronavirus.
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    But,, why ?
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    Divinest Sense
    Guess he got sick of Trump’s lies. Wake up republicans.
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    Capt. Tom
    A real catastrophe.....Drunk and drugged DOCTORS kill 273 people a day
    that is 96,000 per year via mis and mal diagnosis ..where is the outcry ???
Anonymous12 小時前
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hunyak7815 小時前
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brian7 小時前
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dan rathers drunk, again2 天前
Oh. THAT Richard Herd.