‘Justice League’ Actor Calls Out Joss Whedon, New ‘The Crown’ Casting, & More | THR News

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1 個月前
‘Justice League’ actor Ray Fisher is calling out director Joss Whedon, ‘The Crown’ casts its new Princess Margaret, and the SAG Awards are the latest award show to be delayed to COVID-19.
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    Chaz Gomez
    Then why did he give so much praise in the past?
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    I think I saw a better cut of this movie it was called justice league:war
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    I don't think a Snyder cut is going to make Justice League any better.
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    Ray who?
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    Concerned Citizen
    Sure had no problem taking that Justice League Money right?
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    Why so serious?
    Let me guess. He's racist.
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    Cyborg was my favorite character in the movie and I felt he was in it the least. Getting the Snyder cut with more of him in it will be a good thing since, to me, he was the most authentic character from the world-building Snyder had done. Everyone else was some Marvelesque-cotton-candy version of themselves and I wasn't happy with the result. Cyborg's tone was generally consistent with Snyder's previous movies with the fewest instances of straying from it than the other characters and I preferred it.
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    I believe him, Whedon is a gross person inside and out