Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Responds to Fact Check of Trump's Tweets | THR News

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8 個月前
Jack Dorsey tweeted in reaction to White House accusations of political bias after a pair of the president's tweets were flagged for being misleading.
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    Jack Dorsey has contributed enough to Trump's reelection campaign.
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    what kind of people are afraid of fact checks?
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    Nobody is asking the question on if the tweets were misleading... That is the only question that needs to be asked.
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    Knight Ranger
    You can't fact check with your own news source. It has to be an independent source.
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    Wow people are upset that twitter is fact checking. Let that sink in
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    Fact check a Trump? Now that is an oxymoronic statement if I ever heard one.
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    Trump could just leave Twitter and take all his followers with him. I mean really, the people that strongly support the guy would not believe the facts anyway. The people that are not big fans of his do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth or what he tweets. Really no point to any of this.
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    It's only acceptable to fact check if they do it equally to all politicians
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    At least Jack Dorsey is man enough to own up to his own actions, and he didn't do anything wrong anyway.
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    Moscow Mitch