‘Dirty John': Juno Temple on Veronica’s ‘You Know I’m Right’ Attitude Heading Into Finale

The Wrap
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2 年前
The finale of Bravo’s “Dirty John” airs Sunday night, wrapping up the on-screen version of the real-life story of John Meehan (Eric Bana), the con man who wooed and deceived Newport Beach interior designer Debra Newell (Connie Britton). You know, the story made infamous by the Los Angeles Times true-crime podcast. TheWrap spoke with Juno Temple — who plays Debra’s very suspicious daughter, Veronica — this week about where her character is at mentally, as both the fictional Newells and viewers at home see how this tale ends. “I think she is worried,” Temple said, in the interview above. “I think she’s pretty frightened for her mum. And I think she’s frustrated. I think she feels a little betrayed and also I think Veronica is someone who knows she’s right. So she feels a kind of, ‘You know I’m right, because I’m always right.’ I think she has that attitude, you know? But I think also, even she has been surprised by what information has come out about John and that the more she’s dug the more really dark stuff she’s found out.”