How Movie Songs By Kendrick Lamar, Kesha and Troye Sivan Hope to Last Beyond Their Films

The Wrap
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2 年前
Producer Sounwave is used to “throwing paint on the wall” when he works with Kendrick Lamar. However, both he and Lamar were presented with an immense challenge and opportunity when they were asked to write original songs for Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther.” Knowing that the movie could easily be the biggest film of the year (they were right), they had to find a way to make their songs fit the flow of individual moments, but also consider how their song might sound on the radio. “When you have a movie like ‘Black Panther’ and you have a lot riding on it and you know how big the movie can be, and they give you scenes and you have to match the intensity of each scene, we’ve never done anything like this,” Sounwave told TheWrap’s Steve Pond. “He kind of left it up to me. He was like, ‘You’re the producer, so figure this out.’ Alright…I’ll just have to roll up my sleeves and figure it out.”