How ‘Wolf’ Director Got Some Help From a ‘Planet of the Apes’ Star

The Wrap
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1 個月前
Italian director Nathalie Biancheri’s random encounter with an article on a condition called species dysphoria led her to make her latest film, “Wolf,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this month. The film stars George MacKay (“1917”) and Lily-Rose Depp as two teens living at “The Zoo,” a treatment camp for people with a psychological condition in which they believe they are animals born in human bodies. In an interview with TheWrap’s TIFF studio, Biancheri said that her film isn’t intended to be an accurate representation of species dysphoria or even set in our world, rather using the condition as a springboard for an exploration of identity and young romance. “I felt confident in being able to work with the actors to find the emotional, human heart of their characters,” Biancheri said. “But I think that dichotomy of crawling on all fours but then also for an audience member to watch that and not laugh at them but feel with them [was important].”