Thrill-seekers dressed in kilts base jump from top of William Wallace Monument in Stirling

1 年前
A pair of thrill-seekers dressed in traditional Scottish kilts were spotted base jumping from the top of the William Wallace Monument. The clips show professional base jumpers from Mountain Man BASE as they take the leap from the 220-foot tower that gives panoramic views of Stirling and beyond. Jumpers Andy and Josh are both seen wearing kilts as they take the brief plunge before releasing their parachutes in in Stirling. Nicolas Bertolo, a TikTok content moderator, was with his partner when he saw the bizarre spectacle. He said: "First I thought they were part of a re-enactment, then we saw them on the edge and got really alarmed. "We thought they were building climbers and started filming, later we realized they were actually going to jump and thought they were going to kill themselves. "We wondered if we should stop them but they were on the air by that moment. "We all got super scared about them and left us shaking for about two hours after. "We talked before we asked them if they were going to jump and they said no. "Then when they were on the ledge it was obvious that they were going to jump and a few seconds before doing so they told us that they were going to try to land in a small park below and try not to fall into the trees." Mountain Man BASE told SWNS: "We conducted the jump because we are a team of modern-day explorers and adventurers, so in the spirit of William Wallace we honoured his ethos of fearlessness. "Though we made sure we were on the right side of the law, everything we did that day was legal. "We have received a really good response from everyone, and have been called loveable rogues."