Garbage collector uses TikTok to keep Paris clean

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This garbage collector is using TikTok to clean up ParisLocation: Paris, FranceLudovic Franceschet makes time-lapse videos of himself sweeping trashwith heart-felt appeals for people to keep the planet clean"I made videos as a garbage collector. It got 100 likes, I said wow, let's try to go further. And then I realized it reaches the young generation. And in my head, it clicked right away, OK, I'll do before and after videos. We'll try to encourage people to do this work, because we're not immortal. I hope there will be people to take over and continue this beautiful work that we do around the world.""I will fight for this, because I think that incivility hurts the planet a lot, a whole lot. And there's no reason to act this way towards the planet, because this is our home. And we're destroying it. If I can fight, I will fight all my life for this."
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