The Week in Numbers: moving bottles move markets

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1 個月前

From Cristiano Ronaldo's Coca-Cola snub, to a big hint from the Fed, this is the Week in Numbers.

GRAPHIC $4 bln

$4 billion was wiped off Coca-Cola's share-market value by one small gesture at the Euro 2020 soccer championships.

Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo removed two of the firm's bottles from shot at a post-match news conference. And appeared to urge people to drink water instead.

Coca-Cola shares promptly dipped 1.6%, and tournament organiser UEFA had to issue a statement defending the firm.

GRAPHIC: $120 billion

$120 billion is how much the U.S. Federal Reserve spends buying bonds every month. But this week Chairman Jerome Powell said it was thinking about when to turn off the money tap.

"It will be appropriate to consider announcing a plan for reducing our asset purchases at a future meeting."

The central bank also hinted that rate rises could come faster and furiouser than it previously thought, sending stock prices skidding.


17 years is how long the EU and U.S. have been arguing over subsidies to Airbus and Boeing. Both blame the other for giving unfair support to their aerospace champion. But now the pair have agreed to suspend tit-for-tat tariffs for five years. They've decided to worry more about Chinese subsidies instead.

Katherine Tai is U.S. Trade Representative:

"While we have been engaged in this fight, others are taking the opportunity to launch their own industries and we have been too busy fighting each other to pay attention."

GRAPHIC: $34.3 bln

$34.3 billion was the 2020 revenue number at TikTok-owner ByteDance. That's more than double the previous year's figure.

Boss and founder Zhang Yiming isn't sticking around to take the credit though. He's stepping back from chief executive duties, saying he lacks the social skills to be a good manager.

GRAPHIC: $2.7 billion

And $2.7 billion was MacKenzie Scott's latest donation to charity. The former Mrs Bezos donated to nearly 300 organizations, and has now given away over $8 billion in total. Don't worry though, she won't go hungry. Forbes magazine estimates she's worth around $60 billion in all.

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