Charleston Authorities Release US Military Pilot's 911 Call After Ejection

10 個月前

The City of Charleston, South Carolina, released audio of a 911 call reporting a US military pilot’s emergency ejection after a malfunction on the aircraft forced him to parachute into the backyard of a residence north of the city on September 17.

At the beginning of the audio, a Charleston resident tells the emergency dispatcher that a pilot landed in his yard. “We got a pilot in the house, I guess he landed in my back yard and we’re trying to see if we can get an ambulance to the house please,” he says, before stating his address.

The pilot can be heard saying, “We have a military jet crash, I’m the pilot. We need to get rescue rolling, I’m not sure where the plane is… It would have crash landed somewhere, I ejected."

On Sunday, the jet went missing after suffering a “mishap,” the US military said, prompting them to appeal to the public about the jet’s location.

The pilot parachuted safely from the aircraft and the plane crashed into a wooded area about 60 miles away, reports said.

The aircraft was found on Monday afternoon, when a state law enforcement helicopter located the jet and debris in a field near Indiantown.

The pilot, who has not been identified by the Marine Corps, did not have serious injuries and has been discharged from the hospital, according to the report. Credit: Charleston County EMS via Storyful