Dramatic Footage Shows Bus Shootout Between Driver and Passenger in North Carolina

1 年前

A bus driver and a passenger were injured after they opened fire on each other on a moving bus in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 18, local authorities said.

Surveillance video released by Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) shows multiple angles of the morning shootout, which occurred near Charlotte Premium Outlets, a mall southwest of the city.

According to reports, the incident started when a passenger, identified as Omarri Shariff Tobias, stood up while the bus was in motion and asked the driver, David Fullard, to let him off between designated bus stops. Both the driver and passenger were transported to a hospital with injuries, police said.

Video shows Tobias and Fullard pull out guns as multiple shots are fired, riddling the transparent shield around the driver.

Another angle shows Tobias crawl and move toward the middle of the bus, near a door. After the initial shootout, the video shows Fullard following Tobias, whom he’d clearly injured. The driver continued to shoot at Tobias after he got off the bus. No other passengers were injured, local media said.

Following the incident, Tobias faced several assault charges and was jailed with a $250,000 bond after a six-day hospital stay, while Fullard was dismissed from his duties, local media reported. CATS said in a statement that it’s against company policy for an employee to have a weapon on their property or while performing their job, local media said. Credit: CATS via Storyful