The Hedgehog Power Animal

1,115 次觀看・11 個月前 Hello, and welcome to the world of power animals. Believe it or not, we are entering a new age where it will be important that everyone know their power animal. I love to share stories about our animal friends because they teach us so much physically and spiritually. Today we’ll look at the hedgehog. There are 17 species of hedgehogs in the world. Their small, short, and stocky body is densely covered with spines except for their underside, legs, face, and ears. All species of hedgehogs can roll into a tight ball in self-defense. Their spines are not poisonous or barbed and do not detach from their bodies. Hedgehogs are solitary and have a natural desire to explore. They are land rovers, although they can climb and swim. They eat slugs, worms, insects, frogs, and snakes, as they are immune to snake venom. Hedgehogs go out at night as they sleep during the day under bushes, grasses, rocks, or in dens in the dirt. Their vision is poor but their hearing and smell is very sharp. They communicate through a combination of grunts, snuffles, and squeals. Hedgehogs are unassuming, optimistic, and carefree. They walk slowly but are also capable of short bursts of speed. Hedgehogs face challenges calmly and like to do things their own way. Highly creative and friendly, the hedgehog’s virtues include curiosity, protection, adaptability, patience, cleverness, gentleness, and solitude. Call on their spirit when you want to know yourself better. Visit our website for a power animal reading to find which animal resonates with your character. You may be surprised.