Man Invades Beauty Pageant Stage, Smashes Crown, After Partner Comes Second

1 年前

A man in Cuiaba, Brazil, was enraged after his partner came second in a drag beauty pageant on May 27, with video showing him invading the stage and slamming the winner’s crown to the floor.

The scene took place at the Cine Teatro, where the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 event was being held. The beauty contest opposes representatives of cities in Mato Grosso, crowning one of them as state representative.

In this video, which was recorded by Victor Henrique Novato, the finalists can be seen holding hands as they await the verdict. After Emanuelly Belini of Varzea Grande is announced as the winner, a man jumps on the stage, steals the crown and slams it down.

Novato told Storyful that the individual was the partner of Nathally Becker of Cuiaba, who came second in the contest.

He said that the man, “did not accept the defeat and went up … breaking the crown”. Credit: Victor Henrique Novato via Storyful