Playful baby elephant refuses to let his brother stand up

1 年前
This video shows how incredibly playful baby elephants can be with this cute baby elephant jumping and sitting on his bigger brother, making it difficult for his brother to get up in the most hilarious ways. Baby elephants are so cute and watching these animals going about their daily business can be very entertaining. While big elephants can be intimidating, their offspring on the other hand has the ability to put a smile on your face with their clumsiness and playfulness. Baby elephants love to play and a lot of times we as humans can relate to the behaviour of these incredible creatures. I was alone in a remote wilderness area of the Kruger National Park when I found a large breeding herd of elephants. There were many baby elephants and I decided to spend as much time with them as possible. The elephants were standing near a watering hole and some elephants even enjoyed a mud bath in a nearby wallow. There were two particular baby elephants that stood out for me and I started filming their behaviour. These two baby elephants looked busy, with one rolling around on the ground and the other running up and down. While the one baby elephant was lying on the ground, busy scratching the mud from his skin, the other baby elephant saw an opportunity to play. As his brother was about to get up, the baby elephant jumped on top of his brother with his front legs, trying to hold him down and not allowing him to get up. Things got more hilarious when the baby elephant turned around, trying to go and sit on his brother’s head. The baby elephant repeatedly pushed his brother down with his backside, clearly not wanting his brother to get up, purely for fun. The brother elephant after a while decided that having his brother’s backside in his face was not fun anymore more and managed to slide from out under his brother and back onto his feet. Watching these two male baby elephants brought back many childhood memories of the fun and playful days had between brothers. I left the elephant herd with the saying ‘Boys will be boys’ ringing in my head and a big grin on my face.