Turtle Injured by Plastic Is Reminder of 'Devastating Impact' of Marine Debris, Sydney Environmentalists Say

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An endangered green turtle admitted to intensive care with a “stomach full of plastics” is a “powerful reminder of the devastating impact marine debris can have on our sea life,” environmentalists in Sydney said on June 7, ahead of World Ocean Day.

Footage from SEA LIFE Aquarium shows a healthy Tama the turtle, who was found as a hatchling in critical condition on a Sydney beach in May last year. She was rehabilitated and is living at the aquarium until her scheduled release this year.

The video also shows representatives from the environmental cleanup project Seabin and the Sydney aquarium rifling through a day’s worth of trash collected by one of Seabin’s units.

“The elimination of plastic pollution in our water is paramount if we want to protect endangered turtles like Tama and other precious sea life,” SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s Lauren Hughes said.

The aquarium has become an official sponsor of Seabin’s program to address plastic pollution.

“Together, with the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium unit, we will work towards a goal to collect over 1,000 kilograms (1 ton) of ocean waste per year, and utilise the data from these catches to help turn off the tap to plastic pollution," said Fallon White, Seabin’s head of global partnerships. Credit: Seabin Project/SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium via Storyful