Adorable Grandparents Marvel at Front Camera Function of Granddaughter's Phone

1 年前

A content creator who was using her phone as a mirror at a wedding venue in West Broomfield, Michigan, recorded the adorable moment when her grandparents marveled at the tech function.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by @oliviaodonnell123, and shows her touching up her lipstick using the front camera of her phone as a mirror. A few moments later, her grandmother grabs the phone and proceeds to explain to her husband how wonderful the function is.

“I can put my lipstick on and anything … and that’s how you look,” she can be heard saying, with her husband responding, “A young guy, just a young guy!”

@oliviaodonnell123 published the video with the caption, “Can you even handle this cuteness? Sixty-two years of love.” The clip went viral and garnered five million views within 48 hours. Credit: @oliviaodonnell123 via Storyful