Incredible number of diverse African wildlife visit waterhole

90 次觀看・2 個月前
The video shows the incredible number and variety of African wildlife that came to drink at one waterhole over a ten-hour period in one single day. Going on safari during the peak of the dry season can be seriously dusty and extremely hot but so worth it when it comes to game viewing in Africa. On a trip to Zimbabwe, we visited a large national park during the hottest and driest period of the year. It was incredibly dry, with temperatures raging way over forty degrees Celsius every day. With all natural water sources dried up, it is up to the park to provide some water for the masses of wild animals living all over a vast wilderness landscape. These waterholes are few and far between, with animals having to travel huge distances just for a drink of water, only to walk huge distances again away from the water in search of food. During this time of the year, you can be sure that you will find wildlife at a watering hole, and lots of it. We decided to spend three full days in a lookout point or a hide overlooking a popular waterhole. You sit there, relax, and wait and observe, watching wild animals of all kinds coming and going from the morning, right through the night and into the morning again. The numbers of wild animals that visited the waterhole was mind blowing and the diversity of species made it even more incredible. I decided to film whatever wildlife came in to drink over a ten-hour period on one of the days I was there. It started off in the morning with a lioness casually walking past some elephants, busy having their fill of water for the day. The lioness didn’t even stop for a drink. Impala and kudu antelopes were the most abundant during the day, with many herds coming and going nonstop. There were a small number of buffalo that appeared while the warthog families came for a quick drink during the heat of the day. Zebras were seen during most of the day in some dazzling numbers. Elephants dominated everything and they were the species that were there in the largest of numbers, drinking the most water and more often than any other animals. There was even a large monitor lizard that made its way for some water. A great variety of birds was in and around the water right trough the day till sunset, creating beautiful nature sounds in the background. All I can say, what a privilege it was to have filmed and experienced such a natural spectacle as we did during our three days stay.