Israelis Continue Protests Against Government's Judicial Plans

1 年前

Tens of thousands of people took part in anti-government demonstrations across Israel on Saturday, January 28, against the government’s plans to overhaul the judicial system, news outlet Haaretz reported.

The protests were held on Saturday night for the fourth consecutive week.

Two protests took place in Tel Aviv, at Habima Square, and Kaplan Street hosted by a coalition of protest groups, while simultaneous demonstrations were also held in Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba and other smaller cities, the Times of Israel reported.

Some protesters also criticised the country’s treatment of Palestinians. Footage filmed by journalist Haggai Matar shows people waving Palestinian flags, holding signs that read “Stop the bloodshed”, and chanting “Free Palestine”. Credit: Haggai Matar / +972 Magazine via Storyful