RAF Aerobatics Pilots Create Heart and Arrow in Nottinghamshire Sky

1 年前

The Royal Air Force aerobatics team, the Red Arrows, were spotted creating a heart with an arrow above Nottinghamshire, England, on March 22.

Quentin Rayner recorded this video and originally posted it to Twitter, writing that he saw the “practice session” from his front door.

“The Red Arrows in three Hawk jets flew over the Southwell and Fiskerton area of Nottinghamshire on three separate occasions yesterday,” Rayner told Storyful. “They practiced a couple of maneuvers about 10 times, including forming a heart in the sky. People came out of their houses to watch. I had to check it wasn’t Valentine’s Day.”

According to local media reports, the Red Arrows are temporarily training in Nottinghamshire after their former home in Lincolnshire closed. Credit: Quentin Rayner via Storyful