Rescue Operations Ongoing After Russian Missile Attack in Cherkasy

10 個月前

At least one person was pulled alive from the rubble of a building that caught fire when missile debris hit Cherkasy Oblast during an ongoing Russian attack early on Thursday, September 21, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (DSNS) said.

Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko posted a DSNS video showing rescue teams carrying the man out of the building on a stretcher.

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration said at least 20 missiles were intercepted during the overnight strikes, but the Air Force did not immediately confirm the numbers.

Kh-101 cruise missiles were fired from Tu-95MS aircraft, with sirens ringing out across most of the eastern and central regions of the country early Thursday morning.

Klymenko said in a Telegram post that there were injuries and damage to buildings in seven oblasts, including in the capital and the Lviv region in the west.

Casualty numbers were not immediately clear, although he said children were among them. Seven people were injured in the Cherkasy fire and 10 were evacuated, he said. Credit: State Emergency Service of Ukraine via Storyful