Sherpa Carries Distressed Climber Down From Mount Everest 'Death Zone'

1 年前

A Sherpa saved a distressed climber from the “death zone” on Mount Everest by carrying and dragging him 600 meters (1,950 feet) down the mountain to the nearest camp on Thursday, May 18.

Gelje Sherpa, age 30, was helping a client climb the peak when he found a climber from Malaysia “clinging to a rope,” the Guardian reported. The man was in the death zone, the part of the mountain above 8,000 meters, where oxygen is insufficient to sustain human life more than 20 hours, according to reports.

Gelje persuaded his client to delay climbing to the summit to help the other climber return to safety, he said. With the help of his crew, he bundled the climber up in protective gear and strapped him to his back, footage shows. The group then proceeded to carry him down to the closest basecamp, where a rescue team was able to take him to a hospital to receive care, Gelje said.

The climber was recovering from his injuries, which included a lung infection and frostbite, he said.

This footage by Gelje Sherpa shows the moment of the rescue.

As many as 17 people died this year on Mount Everest after a record number of climbing permits were issued. Credit: Gelje Sherpa via Storyful