Suspect Captured After Fleeing LAPD Chase on Skateboard

1 年前

A suspect was captured after fleeing from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on a skateboard in Los Angeles, California, on Monday, February 13.

According to an LAPD statement, officers responded to a radio call for a stolen vehicle investigation and observed a truck that matched the stolen vehicle’s description.

After verifying the vehicle’s description, officers broadcasted the initiation of a vehicle pursuit and began trailing the suspect, later identified as Pedro Villalobos, the statement said.

During the chase, Villalobos lost control of the vehicle, and officers proceeded to conduct a “high risk stop” on Villalobos, who failed to comply with the officers’ commands and fled on a skateboard, according to the statement.

Several officers pursued Villalobos, and one attempted to grab Villalobos, who tried to avoid the officer but eventually lost his balance and fell, police said.

Officers took Villalobos into custody and discovered he had an injury to his right leg. Villalobos was then hospitalized, police said.

According to the statement, Force Investigation Division detectives are investigating the incident as a Law Enforcement Related Injury. Credit: Los Angeles Police Department via Storyful