Vividly colored sea anemone is a beautiful sight in Indonesia

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A night dive in Indonesia reveals a side of the ocean that is not seen in daylight. It's a mysterious world where some of the creatures come alive, or come out ion the open to hunt. Sea anemones are often more active in the darkness as they wave their venomous tentacles in the hope of stinging and devouring unwary prey. They feed on small fish and other creatures that carelessly venture too close. This brilliant blue anemone caught the eye of some biologists conducting an underwater exploration in Indonesia near Komodo Island. Anemones are related to the jellyfish. They are all predatory invertebrates. They are a single polyp that attaches to hard surfaces like rocks or coral. They wave their tentacles and feed the central mouth with anything that they catch. Touching a sea anemone will result in the triggering of a harpoon like barb that injects venom into the animal that touched it. The venom is made of neurotoxins that paralyze the prey. The majority of sea anemones are harmless to humans, but a rare few can cause severe illness or even death.