AWKWARD! Robot Wars loser storms out of interview

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4 年前
The contestant was upset to be beaten by schoolchildren
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    The awkward moment a trio of pre-teens are more mature than a 45 year old man...
  • J
    Judge Dredd
    ... sad SAD little meathead. Anyone with any dignity would have sucked it in and had a ''chat'' with his team mates AFTER the fact, not shown the viewers what a sad SAD little creep does when they lose. But then I suspect you're just a sore loser.
  • w
    aawwwwww, didi dum doos go suck on a dummy you big baby.
  • D
    Drag My Sack Across Yahoo
    Perhaps, at your age, it's time to stop playing with toys, idiot.
  • M
    I was not aware this programme was still on TV !
  • B
    Bacon Sarnie Brigade
    We’ve got our own rules, and we’ve got our own laws, but controversy rules on Robot Wars!
  • P
    It is only easy when you know the answer.
Paul4 年前
I think some bloke pinched her buttocks, judging by her faci...更多
Jomdaisy4 年前
The awkward moment a trio of pre-teens are more mature than ...更多
tellitlikeitis4 年前
I especially love the way the baby comes bowling into the ro...更多
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