Is this the best interview fail ever?!

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4 年前
This BBC interviewee got the shock of his life during his TV appearance.
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    I especially love the way the baby comes bowling into the room in its walker!
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    Love it, never work with kids or animals.
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    This was literally just posted and the comments are already cancer. Thanks Yahoo.
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    Brilliant, just brilliant....i needed this laugh today
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    that swagger on the first kid lol
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    Lovely scene. The whole family looked happy, contented and nice fun folk. Good to see the real human family of an academic...they normally come over stuffy during their interviews. Haven't got a clue what he was struggling to share with the world because his family were far more entertaining and interesting. 10 out 10
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    That's not mum that's the nanny
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    Little sweethearts! I am pleased he had the good sense and good humour to rise above it.
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    Maybe a lock on the door ?

    But then we wouldn't have seen the ensuing hilarity that followed.
    The look on his wifes (or nannys ?) face was priceless.
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    It's the second even smaller one who despite not yet walking unaided storms in through the door,so as not to be undone by her big sister that makes me chuckle..
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