UAW 'went for the arteries' with expanded strike: Analyst

U.S. autoworkers are expanding their strike against automakers GM (GM) and Stellantis (STLA). The expanded strike targets 38 parts and distribution centers across 20 states. The strike against Ford (F) is ongoing, however, given that there has been progress in negotiations, it will not be widened. Wedbush Senior Equity Analyst Dan Ives says "this is going to be a nasty heavyweight battle that now just continues to play out." Ives adds that by targeting these parts and distribution centers, the union "went for the arteries." Ives says the fight will likely get nastier and the White House may have to get involved. "My worry is," Ives says, "this extends more than four weeks, five weeks, I mean, this could be something that could push out EV plans for [GM CEO Mary] Barra, GM, 3, 6, 9 months."