Uber reports surprise profit amid demand surge

STORY: Uber reported zooming into the black at the end of last year, beating expectations of a loss.

That as a surge in demand for rides helped the company rebound from health crisis lows.

Revenue rose almost 50% to over $8.6 billion in the fourth quarter, beating estimates of just under $8.5 billion.

Rideshare revenue surged 82%.

Uber shares jumped nearly 8% in premarket trading after the company’s surprise fourth-quarter profit.

The rideshare market is benefiting not only from a return to normal, but a rise in car ownership costs

Meaning many are opting for cab rides as a result.

Also more drivers are signing up as they look for new sources of income.

In fact, Uber's CEO said the number of active drivers on the app reached an all-time high in the fourth quarter and continued to grow in January,

That helped quell any worries about passenger demand outstripping drivers.

Uber, which operates in over 70 countries and 10,000 cities, said new rideshare products such as pre-booking, shared rides, car rentals and car-sharing were also boosting revenue.

It said this year would see a focus on delivering profitability.