Airline passenger films apparent UFO over the Alps
A passenger aboard a commercial airliner over the Alps in Switzerland airspace recently captured footage of an apparent triangular flying object. Do you think it's the work of video editing, or perhaps something real?
  • cee m
    If this is a UFO looking to evacuate one of its own then its in the wrong place. Everyone knows all the illegal aliens are in the UK
  • Disco Rob
    Judging by the NOT smooth flight of whatever that is, I can say for sure that having cup holders would be a complete waste of time.
    Therefore I am saying it is fake. Based purely on the assumption that if you can manufacture a vehicle to fly at great speed across the universe, you can create a drive that won't have you throwing up due to such a jerky flight.
    Unless it comes from a planet of head banging rock freaks...
  • Joe
    not fake. but it's not a UFO either, it's a completely real blob of very terrestrial water on the window :P, it's always in foreground and tracks the movement of both the camera and the plane, could be a micro-crack in the glass but I think most likely a spot of rain
  • easy
    I've had this happen to me recently, it's WATER running up the aircraft window. I 've had it do this a few times
  • 大明
  • Childofthesun32
    I once saw 500ft lizard trash New York. I saw a man in an Iron Suit of Armour fly through a worm-hole carrying a nuclear bomb. I saw a man catch a plane in mid-air and gentle place it down on the ground. Why do people bother with these stupid videos, when we've seen things that we know are fake, yet look far more convincing.
  • Rei
  • Joshua M
    I have an open mind with regard to the possibility of the existence of UFO... but all I see is either 'blurred' or 'unclear' shots, photographs and videos of UFO's... if we are in 1950's, I'll understand...
  • Joseph M
    Dear Government, just reveal what's going on up there, already! We'll talk about it for a month, the religious people will freak out for a couple of months more, then we'll all go back to sleep watching reality TV.
  • Bruce
    It's a weather balloon, and that's all it is. Understand?