Ukrainian diver joins boycott of events with Russians

STORY: Oliferchuk had been eagerly awaiting the reopening of Neptun swimming pool in Mariupol, which underwent two years of costly, major restoration. The revamped facility was set to reopen early last year.

However, it is now one of 343 sports facilities in Ukraine that lies in ruins after Russia's invasion, which Moscow calls a "special military operation".

He said: "(Now) when there is an air raid alert, we - in swimming suits – rush straight to the bomb shelter to take cover. No one knows what will be hit while the Russians can train and they're not worried about anything."

"They keep silent and accept what's going on and it's alright for them. No way Russians should be allowed to take part in the competitions - if it happens, we will boycott."

Oliferchuk's vow comes after Ukrainian government minister Oleh Nemchinov said their athletes will not be allowed to take part in qualifying events for the 2024 Paris Olympics if they have to compete against Russians.