Divers Encounter Hammerhead Shark

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5 年前

Divers Christian Torres and Leigh Cobb come face-to-face with a large male hammerhead shark was diving with us for about 15 min. The divers emphasized that the video does not show a shark attack and that the shark was, in their words, “just curious.”

Torres and Cobb describe themselves as shark diving conservationists and they document any new sharks they spot around Florida waters. Credit: Christian Torres via Storyful

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    They are so beautiful. Too bad a curious little nibble could end your life!
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    do hammerhead sharks ''nail'' their victims ?
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    This was an interesting encounter, calling this hammershead big is a fish story! As a diver instructor that has be scuba and free diving since the 1950s I can assure everyone this was not that big for a hammerhead.
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    We have seen Great Hammerheads cut 6 foot long Tarpon in half in the FL Keys. This guy was apparently curious about the sounds of the camera motors. Sounds that humans cannot hear. I expected the shark to "taste" the camera. The diver's fins looked a bit too much like bait as well. Just sayin'. I'm just a diver with almost 60 years underwater.
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    Compared to the divers, he doesn't appear that large. Obviously not hungry and probably curious and nervous about such large and strange creatures that have no fear of him and even react by reaching out and touching (pushing) him.
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    Tiger sharks, Bull and hammerhead sharks are the maneaters, not a smart move if this was by choice
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    Sharks are usually nice in open waters.
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    Most shark "attacks" are the same... sharks being curious, and running into or rubbing against someone... With their rough skin, a "brush" from a shark can rip open a person's skin like being sandpapered. You're actually safer under water, like these divers, than swimming on the surface, or standing in chest-deep water.
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    Hammerheads have no interest in eating humans; their mouths are not even big. Their prey is relatively small compared to an adult human. They look freaky but have not been know to attack people.........unless provoked. Most animals with teeth will attack humans or any other animal if cornered or provoked.
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    Drag My Sack Across Yahoo
    These guys are trying way too hard to become shark s**t.
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