Family out on day trip saves whale caught in fishing net

The Guardian
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5 年前

A family enjoying a new year’s trip has freed a humpback whale it found entangled in fishing nets off the coast of Antofagasta, Chile. Juan Menares said two of his children dived in to free the distressed 10-metre animal on Monday. Menares said: ‘That feeling after doing something good ... fills me with joy, fills me with pride and to be able to do something that I really had never done before.’

  • k
    Excellent, very good rescue by this family God Bless them for their care and thought for another species.
  • P
    Phillip Everett
    What a great thing to do. Would have been better if the net had not been left in the water in the first place.
  • J
    Give that family a medal.
  • M
    Well Done that family !

    I hope you all live for ever !!
  • r
    So Good to see there are really nice people who care about our animals
    well done Happy New Year
  • J
    Good job that the family weren't Japanese - they would have eaten it!
  • A
    There is hope for humanity if there are more people like this.
  • R
    Amazing family
  • A
    Thank you to the Menares family from all seaborne mammals, they need all the help they can get against mankind.
  • z
    Wales are disgusting creatures that just swim past our debris unless they can't help it.
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