Massive hammerhead shark tries to eat diver's GoPro

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5 年前
Footage of a great hammerhead shark attempting to attack and eat a diver's GoPro. The video, filmed off the coast of the Bahamas late last year, shows the large shark swimming around amid other fish and a number of nurse sharks on the sea bed. Then, all of a sudden, the hammerhead lunges at the filmer's GoPro camera before retreating. "The shark feeder managed to feed the first and second sharks, [but] he was too slow in taking out the food for the third one, so the hammerhead bolted straight for my camera, thinking it was also food," the filmer wrote online. "Luckily, my GoPro was fitted inside a wide-angle lens dome which made it harder for the shark to snatch away."
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    What a load of rubbish !!!
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    That is not huge ,it is a baby. The diver just pushed with his hand. A mature Hammer shark is the size of JAWS
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    He's not attacking anything, he's being curios.

    Sharks are like babies and dogs, they put things in their mouths to investigate them because they don't have hands
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    Massive??? They get bigger that that and if you play games with them like that you cannot be surprised when they start playing their own "games" This is why Marine Biologists don't like shark feeding displays for divers, the sharks begin to associate the funny thing with bubbles as a food source and then any diver in the area gets bothered and (if the shark is aggressive enough) bitten.
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