Shark Sized Tuna Washes Up In UK River

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5 年前
A giant dead 7ft bluefin tuna has been found floating in the River Severn - 30 miles from sea. Kev Brady, 33, was out paddle boarding at the weekend with two close friends when they came across the washed up monster fish which is the size of a shark, its claimed. It had found its way upstream as far as Minsterworth in the Forest of Dean, Glos., better known for salmon and elvers, due to rising temperatures in the Severn. Kev was battling a dreadful bout of "river belly" at the time but managed to shake it off to pose for photos next to the large fish normally found in warmer waters. The adrenaline junkie who is more used to seeing dead sheep and other nasties floating past him in the water and was stunned with his latest find.
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