Homeowner Not Happy as FedEx Driver Flings Package at Porch

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11 分鐘前
A FedEx driver was filmed flinging a parcel towards the front porch of a Miami residence on October 16, much to the annoyance of the homeowner.The driver in question, captured via a doorbell camera, can be seen opening the garden gate at Katie Kenney’s home before tossing a parcel towards her front door.Speaking to Storyful, Kenney said, “This is the second time this has happened, but it’s the only time we got the video.”Kenney said she was told by FedEx that the merchant she purchased the item from needed to file a damage complaint.“My pictures of damaged items and videos were of no use to their customer service department,” she said.FedEx told Storyful they were looking into the matter. Credit: Katie Kenney via Storyful
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