8-Year-Old Amputee Tests Out Iron Man Bionic Arm for First Time

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1 個月前

A young amputee from Dayton, Ohio, was over the moon as he tested out his Iron Man bionic arm for the first time.

Footage released on August 14 shows eight-year-old James Parris using the prosthetic, a Hero Arm custom made for him by Open Bionics, to pick up a stone.

According to James’s mom, Melissa, her son has always wanted a robot hand.

“James received his Hero Arm and he was so excited. He put it on and somehow knew what to do right away,” she said in a media release.

“James said to make sure to tell everyone that his Hero Arm is everything he thought it would be and more. He wanted to thank everyone that has helped with making his dream come true,” she added. Credit: www.openbionics.com via Storyful

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