Aadorable Aardvark and Other Washington Zoo Animals Enjoy Pumpkin Treats

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1 個月前

Animals at a zoo in Tacoma, Washington, were treated to seasonal offerings in the form of pumpkins, footage posted on October 17 and 18 shows.

Videos filmed by Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium show Suki the elephant, a beaver family, and Tilli the aardvark enjoying their treats during the zoo’s annual Zoo Boo event, which features “costumes, animals, candy and fun!” according to the zoo’s website.

Aardvark Tilli “uses her amazing sniffer while she inspects keeper Brynn’s homegrown, 53-pound Cinderella pumpkin,” the zoo wrote. “Tilli’s care team punctured holes in the giant pumpkin and filled it with yogurt for a special Zoo Boo treat.”

Suki the elephant, meanwhile, deployed “incredible pumpkin stomp ‘n’ chomp” maneuvers, the zoo wrote in a caption.

Beavers Butternut, Walnut, and Nutmeg bobbed for baby pumpkins, as seen in another clip. Credit: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium via Storyful

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