Adorable Puppy Tries to Squeeze Into Seat With Infant

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1 個月前

A family’s new puppy was captured clambering onto a baby seat to cuddle with her new friend while at home in Newton, Mississippi, as seen in a viral TikTok video taken on June 14.

Daniel Bryant Willis, a taxidermist, caught the moment on camera while working from home. Willis told Storyful that his daughter Peggy Jane (PJ) had just met their new puppy Annie, who they had gotten a week before.

In the video, PJ starts to get upset after she sees Annie walk away and whines for her to come back. Immediately, Annie responds by returning to PJ’s seat and climbing up to be with her little pal.

“They’re gonna be best friends for life,” the video’s caption says. Credit: Daniel Bryant Willis via Storyful

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