Arizona's Grand Falls Get Boost From Recent Monsoon Storms

1 年前

The Grand Falls, an often-dry formation located 30 miles east of Flagstaff, Arizona, got a boost from the monsoon storms passing through the region on Sunday, July 31.

This video by Eira Cejas shows muddy waters thundering down the Grand Falls the same day the National Weather Service (NWS) warned of the potential for excessive rainfall in the region.

The Flagstaff website said water flow at the muddy falls is greatest during March and April due to snowmelt from earlier in the year. However, visitors also have a chance to see the falls in action during the summer monsoon season.

According to local news reports, rainfall totals in 2022 far exceeded usual summer rates. The NWS said northern Arizona will continue to face heavy rainfall in the coming week.

According to the Flagstaff website, the Grand Falls, also known as the chocolate falls, stand taller than Niagara Falls. Credit: Eira Cejas via Storyful