Barkour: Clever Pup Climbs Friend to Jump Safety Gate

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1 個月前

Two dogs were caught devising a clever way to jump over a safety gate in their New Jersey home in a TikTok video taken on May 9.

Recorded by Jessica Fetterly at her mother’s house in Brick Township, New Jersey, the video shows the dynamic doggy duo – named Harley and Quinn – plotting their “barkour” moves before the smaller one makes her big jump.

“So my parents have been trying to figure out how the puppy has been getting past the gate,” wrote Fetterly in a caption as the smaller canine, three-month-old puppy Quinn, is shown walking up to the gate, sitting down, and waiting for Harley, a pit bull mix, to help her out.

Once Quinn jumps on top of Harley’s back and leaps over the gate, the words “sweet freedom” appear on the screen. Credit: Jessica Fetterly via Storyful

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