Bengals' Mixon Pauses for Celebration Shot Before Returning Fan's Dropped Phone

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2 個月前

There was a fumble recovery of a different kind at Detroit’s Ford Field on October 17, as Cincinnati Bengals running-back Joe Mixon stepped in to return a fan’s phone after it was dropped during celebrations of the team’s fourth touchdown.

Following his fourth-quarter score, CJ Uzomah celebrated with a pocket of Bengals fans, slapping a phone from the hand of one, Sebastian Day, as he high-fived Day’s friend.

However, running back Mixon was quick to recover the device as it was still recording, shooting a cameo celebration before returning it. “Thanks for returning my phone in one piece,” Day joked on Twitter.

It was a memorable moment to top off a dominate performance by the Bengals, who won 34-11. Credit: Sebastian Day via Storyful

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