California Girl Ad-Libs Catchy Tune About Peeing in Her Pants

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1 個月前

Parents who find themselves having to clean up after a child has peed themselves can at least now take joy in teaching their kids a catchy, and very to the point, song about the subject from a young Californian named Jolee.

Lisa Rieffel, of Valley Village, California, takes immense pride in her daughter’s singing talents, including the time she shared Jolee’s song I Wonder What’s Inside Your B***hole to the world on Twitter.

This time out, Reiffel shared another song by Jolee that simply goes, “I peed in my pants. I don’t know what’s the matter with me.”

The lyrics are repeated several times over by the excited Jolee, who was six at the time of recording. Credit: Lisa Rieffel via Storyful

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