Deer Follows Woman Home After Her Car Gets Stuck in Mud in Rural Maine

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24 天前

A Maine resident who tried to find her way home on foot after dark when her car got stuck in mud was kept company on her trek by a new “deer” friend, video here shows.

Maine resident Sarah Holt captured a video of a deer, who followed her as she tried to find her way from the town of Levant to the town of Carmel after her car got stuck on April 2.

Holt told Storyful that after her Subaru got stuck in the mud on a dirt road, she decided to walk home, believing she was about eight miles from her home in Carmel, Maine.

“The moon is out, I’m enjoying the walk past a large field. As I pass a patch of trees, I hear a sound that puts me on alert” Holt said. “I hear something behind me on the road and look back. A deer is right behind me!”

Holt said the deer followed her for three hours. Holt added that she eventually realized she was walking in the wrong direction.

Finally, Holt met a woman who spotted her walking with the deer as she was on her way to work in the early hours of the morning. She offered Holt a ride home, and the deer ran after the car until it was out of sight. Credit: Sarah Holt via Storyful

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