Fans Deliver Large Elon Musk Statue to Tesla Headquarters in 'Goatsgiving' Event

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Creators of the cryptocurrency Elon GOAT delivered a large statue of bilionaire Elon Musk to Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, on November 26, in an event they dubbed “Goatsgiving”.

The statue, which consists of Musk’s head on the body of a Dogecoin dog riding a rocket, cost $600,000 to build, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Elon GOAT’s website states that the statue was made in honor of Musk’s “contribution to cryptocurrency.” GOAT stands for greatest of all time.

“We believe that Elon’s potential acceptance of this biblical sized gift could catapult $EGT into the limelight and accelerate its various initiatives,” their website reads.

Musk has yet to acknowledge the gift publicly.

Danny Wang, who designed the monument, took this footage of the statue. Credit: Danny Wang via Storyful