'I Got It First Go!' 10-Year-Old British Boy Lands Unbelievable Double Backflip on Scooter

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1 個月前

A 10-year-old was overcome with emotion after he landed a double backflip on his scooter at a skate park in Nottinghamshire, England, on October 24.

Tyler Hainey perfectly executed the double flip while he was riding at Asylum Skatepark in Sutton-in-Ashfield, and was left awestruck by the fact that he got it on his first attempt.

He can be heard excitedly yelling “I got it first go!” to his dad, Brian, who caught the unbelievable feat on camera.

“Tyler pulled this trick when he was 7, but he had a nasty crash in practice and it really had a toll on him. He worked soo hard on this trick, mentally and physically, for the last 2 years – hence the emotion at the end of the clip,” he told Storyful.

Tyler regularly performs impressive stunts and tricks on his scooter, documenting his progress on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. Credit: Brian Hainey via Storyful

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