Hong Kong Protesters Carrying Signs Seeking 'Help' From US Troops

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2 個月前

Protesters against a controversial national security law being pushed by Beijing gathered at a Hong Kong mall on May 25, a number of them carrying placards asking “US troops” to “help to protect HK people”.

The demonstration followed a weekend where hundreds of people took to the streets, occasionally clashing with police.

The security law, presented last week at the Communist Party’s annual National People’s Congress, would ban “treason, secession, sedition and subversion.” Pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong fear it will erode democratic freedoms in place since Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997.

This video was taken on Monday, when a small gathering of protesters rallied inside a mall in Hong Kong’s International Financial Center.

The IFC mall has been the scene of previous pro-democracy demonstrations. Earlier in May, police in riot gear shot pepper spray at protesters. Credit: SocREC via Storyful

  • K
    When HK is under British rule, we did not have democracy either. The Governor of Hong Kong is appointed by the Queen. Not elected by local. The local armed force are not Chinese. They are regiment of Pakistani & Indian to keep the British Citizen in HK save from the Chinese people if they protest.
  • b
    When did the UK give HK democratic freedoms? UK isn't a democracy and any democratic party would of been arrested during their rule. HK was directly ruled as a crown colony, and never had any Voting or even basic freedoms such as freedom of the press.
  • T
    If American protestors had signs asking Chinese troops to liberate them, pretty sure that would draw scrutiny under the U.S. treason, subversion, sedition laws. Ironically, that is what the "controversial" security law China is trying to pass in HK is for, it is to outlaw treason, subversion and sedition.
  • B
    B H
    Imagine protesters in the US seeking political and military help from Russia, China, Mexico or any other countries in order to confront IRS, FBI, ATF, or other US government agencies.

    It's important to put yourself in the other party's shoes so you know what it might be like.
  • M
    What does the US have to do with a city in China? Hong Kong has been a part of China for 23 years now whether they like it or not.
  • M
    They're afraid that if the law passes, they won't be dealing with the lenient police force, but rather with the PLA personnel who will be cracking bones & teeth instead of firing tear gas canisters.
  • m
    member of NO MA'AM
    I can see why they're afraid. So far, these protesters have thrown bricks and firebombs at people that won't support their demands. These new laws are anti-terrorism laws that would allow some REAL punishments for those crimes, instead of the slap on the wrists that they've gotten so far. The thing is...it'll also cut into the funding for these protesters. But don't worry...the CIA will find SOME way to keep funding and supplying these people. They did the same for the kurds...until the kurds were no longer useful. That should also be as big (if not bigger) message to these "protesters" than any anti-terrorism law.
  • T
    "The security law, presented last week at the Communist Party’s annual National People’s Congress, would ban “treason, secession, sedition and subversion.”
    And so they wave signs calling for foreign military intervention. These folks have been ignorant, idealistic, and naive from day one. There is nothing to gain, and they stand to lose everything they have, both as individuals and as a society. Tried to tell 'em. Talk to any of them about objectives, and they will blather on about concepts and feelings. No idea what those things look like in practice, but it is fun to break things and skip school. Life has a funny way of showing up in your face, late twenties, criminal record, no job, no prospects, and a burned out city of what once was great, destroyed by the new Red guard.
  • S
    Susana Babich
    Pray for peace in the world
  • c
    cup of tea
    US, UK stripped all democracy from HK. Banned politcal party, protest, election, etc for more than 100 years.

    Suddenly they are now supporting 'democracy'.

    Just like they enslaved slaves for 400 years. Then suddenly claimed to be the human rights savior.
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