Jam-packed Southend-on-Sea as UK sunseekers escape quarantine during sunny holiday

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2 個月前
This is the scene at a jam-packed Southend-on-Sea as UK sunseekers escape quarantine on Bank Holiday on Monday (May 25).
  • M
    Man from Miami
    Did anyone go in the water?
  • M
    Even if there was no pandemic I would not find that to be a fun place to be. Way too crowded to be able to really enjoy the beach.
  • y
    yo smith
    who brings a hookah to the beach? ahahaha
  • E
    The Brits know what they are doing (e.g., check out the lady with the yellow thong on!)
  • G
    I see some sand so apparently some people are trying to be socially distant. I guess the rest of them might not want to appear 'stuck up'.
  • W
    Here is where professional experts drop the ball when they tell people go out and get some sun, yes it's good for all of us but what about the safe distance rule.
    Pen up humans too long the animal instinct kicks in fighting the cage mentality
  • y
    yo smith
    They risk getting covid for this beach? ahahaha
  • J
    Good for them. Sheeple in America need to get with it too.
  • P
    That many people close together and half dressed and that virus is
    just watching and waiting
  • N
    Sunshine, high temperature and humidity will kill the virus faster.
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