Kangaroo Makes Effortless Jump Over Rope Fence in Lake Macquarie

1 年前

A video posted on TikTok shows a kangaroo effortlessly jumping over a rope fence in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales.

The amusing footage, shared by Veronica Masciantonio on her TikTok account @veronicadownunder, captures the kangaroo swiftly navigating through a local playground and leaping over the rope barrier with ease.

Masciantonio told Storyful she kangaroo was coming fairly quickly and she only hit the record button once it started moving away.

Additional footage of some more energetic encounters with the animals can be found on her TikTok account.

“The kangaroos visit the area on a daily basis, often lounging around in the park there, and in people’s front yards,” she said. Credit: @veronicadownunder via Storyful