Lava Pours From New Vents on La Palma Volcano

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2 個月前

Scientists in La Palma, Spain, warned that lava flowing from new vents on the Cumbre Vieja volcano could reach previously unaffected areas of the island.

This footage shows lava pouring from chimneys on the volcano’s northern flank on December 1, according to

Francisco Prieto, a representative of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan, told local press the volcano was on course to break a previous record for the longest eruption on the island, set in 1646 when the Tehuya volcano spewed lava for 84 days.

As of November 28, Cumbre Vieja’s lava flow had reached 1,147.7 hectares (approximately 2,836 acres) and had destroyed 2,748 buildings, Copernicus EMS reported. Credit: via Storyful

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