Melbourne Hotel Resident in Quarantine Cooks Treats Using Steam Iron

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2 個月前

A woman in quarantine at a hotel in Melbourne, Australia, took advantage of her stay by honing her cooking skills using a steam iron.

Having moved to the UK in January, Victoria native Bridget Houlden returned to Australia in May due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Government-mandated restrictions meant Houlden had to spend time in quarantine after she arrived in Australia.

Appearing on WIN News Gippsland from her hotel room via video link, Houlden said, “Out of pure boredom, I have kind of been searching for things to keep me occupied.”

To that end, she said, she had “discovered that you do not need a stove or an oven to cook if you are really desperate.”

She added, “I cannot say that I am any kind of master chef so maybe I have finally found my calling in here.” The dishes cooked up on the iron included an apple and crumble creation, and a chocolate and caramel treat. Credit: Bridget Houlden via Storyful

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